Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Face of Africell Third Round

Down to the final round now, with Ms Leigh still in top position, and everyone else madly jostling for second (it has changed every single week, with noone staying second position for more than one round).

The finals are on Saturday and, per usual, Africell have managed to create quite a buzz around the event, making it invite-only and limiting the number of invitations available. (If by any chance you're reading this and have an extra ticket lying around, my email is amrangaye [at] gamil [dot] com, hehe).

Ah well - those of us who don't get any invites can still go to the less trendy but still hip Comium-sponsored "FAWEGAM Face of The Gambia" competition, which is a ticketed event instead, and which takes place on Friday.

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