Monday, November 5, 2007

Gampost Postal Charges

I just got back from picking up a package from the Gambia Postal Office in Banjul, a set of books and DVDs from Serign. After ripping open the package, the fine postal worker informed me that whilst the books (which weighed a ton and included "Infinite Jest" [which must be one of the heaviest novels on the planet]) could be received at no charge, I would have to pay for the DVDs. He then slowly endeavored to count out the DVDs one... by... one, before informing me that I would have to pay D150 for each single one! Now I wonder what they were thinking when they made up those postal charges. Hmmm, let's see, let's let books in for free shall we, because education is the key to, etc., etc. and the inflow of books into the country should be encouraged at all costs. But CDs and DVDs? Instruments of the devil, if ever there were any! What do you mean they weigh much less than the books and are easier to transport - that is completely irrevelant, I tell you! Let's make the prices so high people won't be able to receive more than a few at a time - that should stem the flow of the tide of immorality washing its way through the country! Less DVDs, CDs, and other media, that's what this country needs...

I don't know who to write to, but hopefully someone working at our fine postal establishment will read this, and be able to do something about it. It really makes no sense to charge that amount for a single CD, especially if it is going to be used for non-commercial (even educational - the media Serign sent included a BBC documentary) purposes. If our (fine) postal establishment can see its way to waiving the charge on a couple of heavy books, should his (her?) generosity also not extend to light-as-a-feather CDs?

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  1. In defense of GPO, lower postage costs for books is quite normal (especially compared to "electronics"). Readers in the USA, tell your postal worker that you want "MEDIA MAIL" next time you post books and you'll save some dollars (if you don't already know).
    I'm not sure why the GPO charges people such ridiculous amounts for RECEIVING DVDs. I'm also not sure if labeling the package as GIFTS would make a difference to the recipient's pockets.