Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Beautiful, Grade-A Flag

We apparently have the best flag in the world - at least according to this guy. :-) Nice to get some recognition for something, though I'm not too sure about the flag representing the geography of the country thing - that's probably reading too much into it. But still...


  1. Hmmmm who knows. Who designed the Gambian Flag? Was it part of the British rule? They use to do that sort of thing.

    And in a way it does represent the amazing river running through your country and the sharp desert plains as well as those times of lush green growth.

    Maybe there's more thought into it than just a tri colour map with white lining :-)

    It seems the Aussie flag got a C - but I wonder if the author understands the meaning behind the stars on our map?

  2. Hey Dean. What *do* the stars mean?

    And it is by no means just a tri-color flag - as every primary school kid here will tell you:

    red stands for the sun, which gives us life,
    white stands for peace,
    blue stands for the river gambia,
    and green stands for agriculture

    ...that or variations on it. :-)