Friday, May 30, 2008

Internet on Mobile Phones [Comium]

I got a chance to get a sneak peek at Comium's GPRS service this week, and it was super-cool. GPRS stands for General packet Radio Services, and is a technology that allows you to do things like use the Internet on your phone. I've been waiting for this forever - looks like Comium have finally gotten it. Right now it's apparently in testing mode, but they'll soon have it live so regular users can use it. This looks to be a big win for Comium, if it happens, and certainly a commendable improvement and a radical shift away from the "you bet ten million? I'll bet twenty" cellphone marketing mania that has hit the country. Not to mention depending on how expensive it is, it could potentially take the Internet into parts of the country where the ISPs don't reach.


  1. mate, just wait for 3G technology and cell network protocols. They're just becoming more widly used in Australia, with our main carrier now shutting down it's old CDMA network to run 3G instead.

    We still have GPRS cell networks all over the country, but with a land as big as Australia 3G with extra bandwidth and range is going to make things much easier.

    3G's data transfer is excellent as well... constant internet connection (like ADSL or Broadband cable internet) and same download speeds as Broadband.

    Makes using the Net on your phone much more viable.

    I got my first 3G phone in January, and am loving accessing Facebook and blogs anywhere I want!

  2. Nice. GPRS is definitely taking it to a whole new level. I can already see people using their GPRS phones connected to their laptop and checking their email on the Ferry. Keep us posted