Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wollof word of the day: chaalit


1. v., to act in a manner not usual because of food. eg: Serign dafa chaalit palansoram bi ndik leka bi. . Serign forgot his umbrella here because of the food (maybe it was super, and the rainy season, and Serign enjoyed it so much he stepped out into the rain without his umbrella, so focused was he on the food).

2. v., to lose one's restraint because of great pain, sorrow, etc. eg. bul chaalit -yaala kor dogal. do not lose yourself - it was the will of God. (this said to a man whose whole family has just died in a freak accident, and who has begun to speak strickenly of taking his own life).

usage 1 is meant jokingly, usage 2 only with great seriousness.

also pronounced saalit.

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