Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bintou Faal: Three Attempts at Misdirection [FICTION]


Daydayt chataleh kor njaykay baby. Then nga poos- y ndanka...

Maneh du hay jay Noe nu. Haara ma forsseh kor rek!

Sore kor forrseh mu dama d!

Ya Amie isil ma marrtoh b!

Small girl runs in.

Am Papa.

He takes it from her.

Tey kor mu daygayr!

She grips the wood pole and he nails it into the ground , while the small girl watches.

There, he says, giving it a final knock.

Laygi am nga fore aj sa boom yi. Ndah nga fiihal sunye ayta b tuuti...


Su juutoe nee, nyun nyayp dinenye muna duga, du tasaaror...

Hay - maneh, man suma duga dafa am dorleh deh!

Pa Borbor defal ndanka - yow mun ngaa mujay duga...

Wawe haara ma dem chi ganawe adjustu...

The men set up the trailer behind the tractor, shifting the canopy so it can take all their weights. Then they jump into the back and sit waiting for Pa Borbor, who has gone into the back to pee.


Baalal maaaaaa? Nyaari marr rek!

Daydayt! Suma yaye muneh bu mah deh baaye ken marr! O-rut - fehbarr yi denye barry.

Maneh Baby Jankeh hanaa maa la wah neh dama fehbarr? OK behna marr rek.

Daydayt! Last time loe Lu nga wah beh pareh nga Dugal sa loho bi!

Hei duma kor dugal ah!

Still looking doubtful, Baby Jankeh hands the ice cream over to little Pa Modou, and as he takes a lick the school bell rings, signaling the end of break, and as he turns to go back into the class Pa Modou sticks out his right finger and wiggles it in the ice cream. Then he laughs evilly and runs off. Baby Jankeh screams and runs after him.

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