Saturday, October 9, 2010

Transcript of a Parliamentary Session on the New Laws Concerning Youth Delinquency [FICTION]

- Weed is not the problem you see. It is an answer, a proposed solution from a set of available solutions. The youth smoke it becomes of the place it takes them to, a world that lays itself over this one, a transparent film that blurs the edges of experience, that roughens out the sharp corners. So they are not such failures, after all, as they are told they are. They use it because they seek to escape their hard reality.

- Hey Alaji Mbacke you sympathize too much with these fools. The problem is one of laziness. Our reality was harder, yet we bore it, we rose even with the heavy load on our shoulders, we sought out jobs, we sought out educations and families and responsibilities. If we could do it in a harder time what is to stop them doing it now? It is only laziness. Throw all users of drugs into jails. Clean out the dregs of the gutter, let us start fresh, with youth who are ready to work hard…

- But as long as we prosecute them only and do not try to fix the problem at its root our prisons will only fill up, our judges will only be overworked.

- Then let them be Alaji Mbacke. It is of no consequence. We will have no compromise with this - we have compromised too much with them already as it is.

- The youth in my municipality ask for new stadium, they complain the old one for their Nawetaans has grown ragged with misuse.

- Yes, Alaji Jobe. You have brought this up before. There will be no more concessions, unless they change their attitude.

- I agree, Mr Chairman. But a death penalty, against the sellers of weed, perhaps a bit too harsh…

- In the countries of Arabia, Mr Johnson, all who peddle in illegal drugs are put to death, without exception. And in the countries of Arabia the name of Allah is spoken out loud, and the land is prosperous, and all are content. In the countries of Europe drug peddlers are thrown into jail and then freed - a small price to pay for the profits in their trade. In the countries of Europe the prisons are full, and the youth are wayward, and all manners of liecentiousness and God-disrespecting goes on. Mr Johnson, I ask you, which of these would you want us to be?

- I understand, Mr Chairman, but it is only that there may sometimes be mistakes…

- Then Allah will forgive them, Mr Johnson, for they are for a just cause.

- An overeager purge can only lead to disastrous results. The question is do we wish to reform the youth, or do we wish to merely exterminate them? Are they our future, needy of nurturing, or are they are our foes, pests to be removed.

- Your flowery rhetoric, Alaji Mbacke, strikes a chord even in my heart. But we here in the world of lesser words depend on facts, for this is a serious business, and not a scene in one of your novels. Now, shall we have the voting?

- I forward the motion regarding the new measures for the curtailment of youth delinquency.

- I second it.

- All in favor - a show of hands. Good. And all not? Good. Very well, the motion is passed. I congratulate you on what you have achieved today, against vice in our great country. We shall now adjourn for a fifteen minute break.

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